In a thrilling volleyball showdown, Timnath High School’s Varsity team showed their resilience by pulling off a remarkable comeback victory, keeping their flawless 9-0 record intact for the season. Despite facing a tough 0-2 deficit, the Cubs fought tooth and nail and pulled out the win. This unforgettable night is a testament to the team’s unwavering determination.

Junion, Aubs Gerdes, Varsity Match vs Valley

The JV team again displayed skill and teamwork and beat Vally JV in two (2) sets. Their commitment and efforts paid off, setting the stage for a promising future.

Freshman, Addy Sater, JV Match vs Valley

The C Team faced a tough challenge and ended with a 0-2 outcome. However, Timnath High School’s volleyball program displayed remarkable spirit and talent. Congratulations to the entire program for a great night of volleyball.

We are looking forward to the next match.