What an excellent three days the varsity and JV teams had at the CSU Team Camp. Both teams ended the camp with championships in their brackets, but that was not the biggest win. The highlight of the camp was that we saw the Cubs grow and improve together each day.

We are so excited for the season and everything to come for these girls. Let’s go, Cubs!

JV Team with Coach Paul Shimek Champions in their bracket

Why we do camps:

Preparation for the Season: Camps can serve as a valuable preseason training opportunity. Players can get into the right physical and mental shape before the actual season starts.

Motivation: Camps can be highly motivating for players, especially when they see their teammates’ commitment and hard work. This shared motivation can boost team spirit.

Friendship and Fun: Camps offer an enjoyable environment for players to bond with each other beyond just volleyball. Building friendships and having fun together can create a positive team culture.

Freshman & Friends Lauren Van Arsdall, Addy Sater, & Jersey McCollum

Team Strategy: Volleyball camps often focus on team tactics and strategies. Understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses allows the team to formulate effective game plans.

Skill Development: Camps often have experienced coaches who can work with players individually and as a team to improve their volleyball skills. This helps in honing their abilities, leading to better team performance.

Varsity Celebrating together after the camp at Cane’s

Again, thank you to all the parents who submitted pictures, a few memories from the games were captured. We appreciate you!